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Who is InnerStellar

InnerStellar is a podcast and webshow that tackles every aspect about life . We focus on self discovery and improvement as humans are fluid entities that grow and change every single day . All about lifestyle and on going events that we could implement on our self growth and discovery .

What Does InnerStellar Stand For

The logo of InnerStellar fully encapsulates who we are . It displays fluidity as humans and their souls are fluid and will change through time . Blooming with colors it shows that as individuals we could not fit into categories as we are complex .

  • - Pink for the unconditional love and compassion for ourselves and others. Sensitivity , as honing and understanding our emotions makes us stronger .
  • - Blue for honesty and trust , showing loyalty to ones self and having commitment . Having wisdom and a deeper understanding in life .
  • - Yellow for optimism , dreaming big and believing in ones self , having courage and enjoying the journey along the way as self discovery is something pure and joyful .

These colors for InnerStellar as it shows you , the audience that even though a big problem is occuring, there is always a way out of it , the colors in a black and white situation , the light under the dark tunnel ,there would be ways wherein they would be able to find their true selves and express themselves openly and genuinely.


What is Our Brand

Our Brand:

We chose the brand name “Innerstellar” because our brand is all about Therapy & Self Expression Podcast / Videos “Inner” means to find your true self and your own uniqueness. Us group 1 the Innerstellar will help them to talk about finding their true selves and help to explore who they are and what they are capable of, “Stellar” implies like an astrology where they are like top of the world where they creativity is starting to develop their own self identity and expression when it is the start of them finding their true identity.

More About Our Brand

InnerStellar helps you understand yourself and to know your fullest potential , it will not be quick but worth while . Humans and our souls are fluid and interchangable meaning everyone goes through different era's and phases , just like our podcast ! Our podcast tackles different topics every episode to have a wide and broad perspective on every single thing . The astronomically huge topic roster makes our podcast relatable and someone you could learn off of . The topics ranges to ones self identity to ones self interests to then values you could learn from past experiences and such ! The possibilities are endless and as well as our self discovery journey . We never stop as we evolve every single day . We also talk about spirituality and astrology as it happens around us every single day and its better to stay aware and take advantage of our knowledge ! See you in the other side !

What does our Tagline mean?


Our tagline “ Rejection Leads To Redirection “ We have chosen this as our tagline to show our viewers that nothing can stop them . Whether they get rejected , lose something or encounter a negative event , it should not define who they are . Just because you got rejected at a job you wanted does not mean it's over . We want to show that we should not take everything seriously and that life is not over . Everything happens for a reason and that reason is that there is always time for self growth and that something better will always come your way . Many people get rejected from the things in life but that didn't stop them as something much better came .

  • Tagline: Rejections Leads to Redirection

Who are your target audience?


Age is nothing but a number

Our target audience appeals to all ages but mostly focus on adolescents and teenagers , especially those at heart ! Age is nothing but a number therefor our podcast is open to everyone as self discovery is never too late and old ! Making our life worth while living by being our trueselves is one big achievement we all deserve .

Who are your competitors

No Competition

As we have the same target goals to help others not just for our self gain but to help out our community .

There would be no competitors, since we’re advocating for the same concept, it's better to have alot of resources than just one , why fight with other advocaters when we can grow and help others?.